4 Reasons Why People Fail Network Marketing

This afternoon, I was scrolling through Facebook and in this one particular group, I read where one gal had tried several different Network Marketing businesses and claimed “it didn’t work”.  She could not generate any sales and she was looking for a new company to join.

I don’t know about you but if she was someone I was mentoring, switching companies is probably not going to fix her problem of not having any sales!

What is it that causes people to fail in Network Marketing?

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In Romi Neustadt’s book “Get Over Your Damn Self” (which by the way is an awesome book!), Romi hits the nail on the head as to why people fail in this business.  Here is a summary of what she has written:

  1. They’re Not Coachable ~ Being coachable means doing what your upline tells you to do. Get plugged into the resources and be a student of the profession.  If you’re not coachable, then Network Marketing is probably not a fit for you.
  2. They Don’t Treat This Like a Business ~ We’ve all heard the saying…..”If you treat it like a business, it’ll pay you like a business. If you treat it like a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby and cost you”!   Plan your day like you would any other “job”.  You clock in and you clock out.  Same for a Network Marketing business. If you only have one hour a day to build your business, then break down that hour into smaller time frames. For instance, spend 40 minutes on prospecting, 10 minutes on 3-way calls and 10 minutes on personal development.
  3. They’re Not Willing To Get Uncomfortable ~ If you new to this type of business, you will be uncomfortable already and it’ll be awkward.  Know that you will make mistakes. Just remember to get back up after you fall. You will grow from the experience and only get better at it after you keep doing it.
  4. They’re Not Hungry Enough ~ We all have a reason why we joined this industry.  This “WHY” has to be big enough to make you get uncomfortable. For some people, their WHY was to put food on the table, others were sleeping in a car and had no place to call home.  Those are some really big why’s.  So what if you’re not homeless and starving?  What motivated you to join your business.  Money?  What do you need the money for? Kid’s college tuition? Retirement? The bigger your WHY, the hungrier you are to get it!

If you can think like a CEO and turn those 4 excuses around and become coach-able, take ownership of your business, step outside of your comfort zone and do those 3-way calls, video’s etc. and get a big audacious dream, then you can become a success and build a lifestyle you can be proud of!


I encourage you to add Romi’s book “Get Over Your Damn Self” to your personal development reading list. It really is “The No B.S. Blueprint to Building a Life-Changing Business”.










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