5 Lessons I learned from the South Side Badass

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to interview a local author in our area. Kelly Kimberlin grew up on the south side of St. Louis city. She is an author, speaker, life coach and a good friend of mine.

Kelly was raised in a house with an alcoholic father, four brothers, a middle child, and the only girl. Growing up in these conditions required tough love. If an older brother wasn’t “stuffing me in a trash can” or a school bully teasing her on the way home from school about her hair, there was always the father who said he “wasn’t wasting money on a girl” when it came time to pay for college.

Kelly has written two books. In her first book, Street Wise and Alley Raised, she shares how and why she hit rock bottom. In her second book, The Badass is Back, Kelly shares how she pulled herself up and got her life back on track, doing what her life’s purpose is all about…guiding others to live a joy-filled, healthy, vibrant life. I’ve learned five life lessons from reading both these books and through my interview with Kelly.

Lesson #1: Keep working on yourself to find your authentic being.

Lesson #2: Success is loving what you do and doing what you love.

There is nothing worse than having to wake up each morning to drive to a job you absolutely hate. Find or do something that makes you want to get out of bed each day.

Lesson #3: Changing your thoughts and words can change your life.

You know the saying “You are what you eat”. Well the same thing applies to our thoughts. Think positive, Be positive.

Lesson #4: Start saying “Yes” to yourself!

As a mom and a wife, we tend to take care of others before we take care of ourselves. It’s important to remember to take time to care for yourself. Take that relaxing bath (lock the door!), schedule a spa day or enjoy dinner with the girlfriends every now and then.

Lesson #5: Be a Badass:
– Brave
– Authentic
– Dynamic
– Awakened
– Spiritual
– Superstar

You can grab a copy of Kelly’s books for yourself on the links below:

You can watch my interview here.

Keep an eye out for her third book Unfolding in the near future!

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