Cutting Carbs with Aloe Vera

Cutting carbs seems to be a hot topic in the health field these days, and with so many diets and options for a healthier lifestyle, it’s hard to know what is best for you. But, if you have decided that lowering your carbohydrate intake is a good option for you for healthy weight management, aloe vera may prove to be a strong ally for your goals.

First, aloe vera is made up of polysaccharides. Polysaccharides are complex, long chain carbohydrates that provide very important dietary elements for human nutrition. Some may be used as potential sources of energy, whereas others can provide anti-inflammatory and immune modulating properties. So, while these can be classified as a sugar in a broad sense, it is not the case when you actually break it down.

In plants (such as aloe vera), these elements serve as both an energy reserve, in the case of storage polysaccharides, and as a the structural framework of cell walls in plants and the skeletons of animals, in the case of structural polysaccharides. And, these long chain carbohydrates are packed with beneficial elements to help support your overall health.

Plus, consuming an aloe vera gel drink is easy and delicious! Aloe vera gel is the gel portion of the leaf that is extremely beneficial as a soluble fiber. It contains elements to help keep your body healthy in more ways that one. And, the aloe gel drink is lower carb, which can help you stay on track with your weight loss/health goals. Here is how the gel drink can benefit you:

  • Improved immune system
  • Supports health blood sugars and cholesterol levels
  • Beneficial for healthy complexion and supple skin
  • Soothing to the GI tract and joints
  • Boosts metabolism

So, adding the aloe gel drink to your health plan can help you reach your goals, provide valuable nutrition, and assist in maintaining a healthy lifestyle without consuming a lot of carbs. You can even drink it by itself when you’re on the go, or mix it with some fresh fruit to create a delicious smoothie.

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